Memories by Moira Neal, MPA, SPA, F/PPABC

Services, Lectures & Lessons

The Next Step

Feed your desire, refine your goals, and complete your accreditations and salon submissions to further your sills. Learn what it takes to feed your desire to achieve more, market better, and earn designations. Goal-setting is required to for achievements; become familiar with the process and deadlines for submissions. Know your judges: What are they looking for? How do they think? What must I do for a positive outcome? Accreditations are the best way to improve and test photographic skills. Listen on how to prepare, present and perfect your submission.

Being All You Can Be

There are 3 levels of knowledge: Things you know that you know, Things you know that you don't know, and things that you don't know that you don't know. Shed some light on the latter 2 levels of knowledge: diversification of your skills/styles, connect with prospective clients, dealing with conflicts on the job and much more. 'Being All You Can Be' is a full day of lecture and slideshow with discussion time wrapping up the presentation.


Connecting With Your Clients

Learn how to give the quality images clients these days expect. What are the details involved with Composition, Lighting, Colour Balance, Locations and Prior Research. Learn to create magic with these and many more topics. Also, tips and tricks to up-sell to increase your volume. Have your pen and paper on hand, much information will be given.

Double Impact

What does it take to be the best photographer you can be? Diversification of talents, keeping creativity alive, and marketing are only a few of the topics discussed here. In addition to a lecture-style discussion, a 2-hour tutorial photo-shoot can be arranged with interested groups. Feel the power in your camera, leave your mark.

Going Pro

After 27 successful years in the industry Moira will share from start to finish information necessary on Going Pro in photography. This is the most complete program offered. Enjoy the 2-day lecture/discussion covering these among many other topics: Camera techniques, Marketing, Posing, Lighting, Composing, Selling, and Business Philosophy. The final day ends with a 2-hour environmental session/tutorial. Presented with PowerPoint and hand-outs.